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In accordance with our privacy policy, Upper Canada Office Systems takes every means necessary to protect our customers’ confidential information. Confidential information includes but is not limited to; email addresses, subscription information, shipping information, billing information and especially any financial information.

To ensure the protection of our customers, information contained within returned office equipment is cleared through the following process. This process is adhered to for every machine regardless of its final destination, which includes return to a leasing company, rebuilt for resale or recycled. Data Clear Process.

On receiving a request to remove any piece of office equipment, our Operations Supervisor dispatches a call for a “data clear” process. The data clear process is completed promptly on arrival of all office equipment to the Upper Canada Office Systems facility. The completion of the data clear process is recorded internally through our service history which is tracked through the ID number and serial number of the machine.

Data clear process includes initializing back to factory default to ensure deletion of all one touch numbers, fax numbers, scan to email addresses and all network information. The hard drive is reformatted, eliminating the possibility of any information being left on the machine. After completing the process, the Technician electronically closes the service call signifying that all data has been cleared.

On request, a letter verifying completion of the data clear, signed by the Technician who performed the operation and an authorized signing officer of Upper Canada can be provided.